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            1. In compliance with the nation’s call for "a systematical development of solar energy, silicon energy, hydrogen energy and renewable energy", GCL vigorously promotes the green energy business under its strategy triad of "Technology GCL, Digital GCL, Green GCL".

              Bringing Green Power To Life

              Global layout

              Carrying forward the national "Belt and Road" initiative, GCL is promoting and contributing with its competitive advantages to the green energy development worldwide.
              GCL has set up R&D centers and incubators in Japan, Israel, the United States, and in Shanghai, Nanjing, Xuzhou and Suzhou in China.
              GCL has included North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Middle East and other regions into its business scope and set up business branches in Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
              The launch of the oil and gas projects in Ethiopia and Djibouti, by far the largest in East Africa, signals GCL’s ever-increasing investment in clean energy.

              GCL Powers "Dual Carbon"

              Data Says

              • 60.012

                Accumulative Green Energy Supply
                Billion kWh

              • 20.4243

                Standard Coal Save
                Million Tons

              • 51.154

                Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction
                Million Tons

              • 18.6296

                Sulfur Dioxide Emission Reduction
                Million Tons

              • 45.5331

                Nitrogen Oxides Emission Reduction
                Million Tons

              • 62.0306

                Equivalent to Afforestation
                Million Mu

              *The above data are for 2020

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